Thinking of a way to jazz up your Fireworks night?

As a special offer for the Firework season, we're giving away Limited Edition packs of 20 Paper Love Specs for just £40!

Our paper Love Specs are great for parties, but are especially great for a fireworks event. Spread the love and dazzle your audience by giving them a pair of Specs and let them watch the night sky fills with hearts.

The Love Support Unite Foundation created Love Specs to support and sustain all of our amazing projects.

Heart shaped glasses with a special heart filter which turn all lights into love hearts, the true beauty of Love Specs lies in their universal message. They allow us a glimpse into the world we wish to see: one filled with love.

Love Specs are available in bulk and orders over 5000 pairs can have the frame color or branding customised. Contact us for more information: hello@lsufoundation.co.uk

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